Who the Hell is Jack Summers?

Jack Summers is a songwriter from Weston, Missouri.  

Jack’s childhood memories include his father reading him Bob Dylan lyrics like bedtime stories and going to the Walnut Valley Music Festival. As he grew up, he started writing lyrics of own and eventually, he won the Walnut Valley Songs for a Better World Songwriting Contest.  

Jack’s music is story-centric Americana that covers everything from the death of a West Virginia coal town to the death of the American mall.  

In 2021, Jack did a year of service with AmeriCorps and instead of using his living stipend to pay rent, he lived with his mom and self-funded his debut album, ‘No Longer and Not Yet’. 

Jack is currently based in Kansas City, Missouri (no longer living with his mom) where he works at Art As Mentorship, a nonprofit that runs free songwriting camps for kids with a focus on mental health and community building.